iOS 8 users with FoxOne version 1.0.3 may had experienced a display orientation issue. This was an unexpected OS-related issue and has affected many other apps from several different companies.

But we promptly fixed it in version 1.0.5. So, please make sure that you´re running version 1.0.5 if you´re an iPhone or iPad user.

Gameplay tips: Speed is Life!

Tips for use of afterburner speed boosts:
1) Locate its button in the right corner of the screen
2) press and hold, it will greatly accelerate the plane immediately, and in the case of the F-14 here, it'll tilt the wings back as it accelerates
3) use the afterburner to give you the speed to escape from difficult situations as well as giving the option to return from another angle for a new attack
4) but it has limits, when the button turns red and the plane lose speed, it´s becoming overheated and you need to release the button and let it cool down. But use it whenever is possible, remembering that in aerial combat, speed is life!


Gameplay tips: Protecting the Air Force One

Tips for the second mission where you must protect the US Presidential plane, the Air Force One:
1) locate it, looking for the green arrow, which unlike the red one, indicates allies that must be defended
2) monitore the damage it takes, using the life bar at the top of the screen
3) protect him at any costs, destroying all enemies approaching it
4) If it can land safely at the airport located on the islands, your mission is accomplished

Gameplay tips: Unlocking all the planes

When you purchase the Full version, our game is complete, with 15 stages to play and 10 different aircraft. The locked icon appears on a stage orplane that has not been unlocked, it unlocks when player advances through the stages, which means that all planes and stages are already in your app. There is no need to buy anything inside the game since you already have the full version, it is 100% complete. Just play and advance through the stages and new planes will be unlocked! ;)

Having said that, pictured here, there are three categories or generations of combat aircraft available: 1) starting with third-generation jets (like the F-4, F-5 etc), 2) the fourth-generation (F-14, MiG-29 etc), 3) and finally the advanced fifth-generation fighters such as the J-20 and the F-22 Raptor. Notice also that each generation has a different color code for the icon.

However, if you just bought the game because of some specific airplane, and you want to fly it right from the start, we added this handy "cheat code" which can be accessed by
going to the OPTIONS screen (second button from left to right in the title screen), and then locate the ATMOSPHERE EFFECTS OFF button, like shown below:

Press this button repeatedly, at least 10x, until you hear a different sound between the normal clicks of the button pressing. This sound means that a third pilot profile has been
activated in the pilots profile screen. This third profile has 5 million credits and all airplanes unlocked from the start. Have fun!

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